STRESSSS! Last weekend we had a party for my daughter’s 4th birthday, I had hoped for a smooth run after all the organising we’d done, but of course there were a couple of obstacles in the way. The hall was fab and we decorated it within an inch of its life. The time of the start of the party came and went, no kids, not one had turned up. I started to wonder if we’d done something wrong. Half an hour later people turned up in numbers and told me that their satnav had taken them somewhere else, that’s probably because I gave them the wrong postcode. The entertainer we hired was doing a fantastic job of keeping them occupied and had the kids chasing about. Then I realised that all the parents had started to put coats on, cos the heating had gone off and it was getting colder than the North Pole in there. Cue me scrambling around with the radiator to get it going. Still, it was an amazing do and all the kids looked like they enjoyed it. I did wonder why I bother though when my girl told me that her favourite bit was kicking balloons around the floor…..on her own! I’ll save time and money next year by just buying a bag of plastic balloons.

Why is it still January??? C’mon give us a break, it feels like years since we last got paid, so on Heart Breakfast we asked for your money saving tips and our lovely listeners absolutely came through for us. Suggestions ranged from taking a bottle of own brand lemonade to a party, then drinking champagne all night, to turning up at a mate’s house at the time you know they’re dishing up dinner. Shawn had a great one, showering with someone else. I might do these even after I’ve been paid.

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