WHAT would happen if Donald Trump visited Southampton?

Well, the mind boggles.

We'll probably never know but, thanks to master impressionist Mike Osman, we got a glimpse of what it might be like to play host to the President-elect.

Of course the fine residents of Shirley knew when he was filming for his spoof video that it was Mike mimicking the controversial politician, but they couldn't get enough of him.

"Love him or hate him, everyone wants a selfie with him," the entertainer laughed as he told me about the experience this week.

Trump in Trouble comes to Southampton, which was viewed more than 3,000 times in its first 24 hours, sees Osman's Trump visit the UK and give everyone a taste of his famous political incorrectness from the back of a chauffeur driven limo.

It's great to see Mike making a return to what he does best. I've seen him bring down the house with his impressions of HRH Prince Charles and the Trotter brothers and make Lawrie McMenemy cry with laughter when he takes off the legendary Saints manager.

His is a quite brilliant Michael McIntyre and my personal favourite impression sees him transform into both a sweary Mick Channon and a squeaky Alan Ball for a very bizarre conversation in the affectionate Channon and Ball sketch.

This foray into American politics could just be his best move yet.

The decision to take off Trump is inspired, perfectly timed ahead of today's inauguration, and, as always, the attention to detail is spot on.

Not only does he sound like him, which goes without saying with an Osman impression. But, with the comedy comb-over, perfectly recreated star-spangled Trump banners, a tan worthy of TOWIE and his mannerisms down to a tee, he really does look like him too.

I've got a feeling this could be one rollercoaster ride of a few years for the President's perma-tanned take off.

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