I always thought January was a bit of a non-event, everyone licking their wounds over how much they spent over Christmas, but this week, I’m surrounded by big changes in friend’s lives. Rich is off to have a bad back fixed by an operation, Dan is standing in, but is on standby to go off to the hospital when his wife goes into labour. Even our newsreader James has something to add, after he got engaged to his girlfriend this week. The biggest thing going on in my world this week was a trip to play shack soft play, which lasted for nearly 4 hours. That’s a record, really getting my money’s worth out of it. In fact we only left when my phone ran out of battery.

I am trying to get fit in 2017 and have started with a personal trainer this week. I’d like to think that this is actually a fantastic idea. When the trainer put me through a fitness test, how many sit ups/ press-ups/ tricep dips/ burpees I could do in a minute, I really didn’t go too hard at it. My theory is that I have to have a buffer, as I get fitter, I’d like to do better at the fitness test and feel like I’ve made advances.

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