MASKERS is thrilled to bring a National Theatre adaptation of Cervantes’ classic novel, Don Quixote, to the grounds of Hamptworth Lodge July 18-28.

It tells of an ageing Spaniard who has become obsessed with books of chivalry and decides to live out his fantasy by roaming the Spanish countryside as a knight-errant! Calling himself Don Quixote de La Mancha, and aided by his faithful servant Sancho Panza, he sets out on a delusional series of action-packed adventures.

Rural Spain will be created on The Archery lawn at Hamptworth, near Landford, by Spanish Director, Ruben Sanchez-Garcia, lover of the stories of Don Quixote.

Spanish folk songs and interludes will set the scene for this theatrical delight.

Fun and chaos ensues as they meet many colourful characters and obstacles along the way.

The grounds will open pre show for picnics so the audience can sit back, relax and enjoy an open-air theatrical treat.

Tickets are discounted to just £12 and available at: