THEIR sizzling brand of hot jazz stunned audiences when they first played on British soil.

They made their UK debut at Eastleigh’s Concorde Club and now The Bratislava Hot Serenaders are returning to the Stoneham Lane club on Wednesday.

As soon as they hit the stage it is easy to see why this electrifying 21 piece ensemble from Slovakia has the wow factor with its vintage swing, hot jazz and dance from the ‘20s and ‘30s.

Brass, reeds and violin players combine to play the sweet and hot American music that dazzled pre-war Europe, transporting audiences with brilliant musicianship, period dress and all the style of the period.

Led by ace trumpet player Juraj Bartos, this authentic vintage orchestra uniquely interprets music which was all the rage in Europe at the end of the twenties.

The Serenaders have been together since 1992 and the glue is their love of music, devoting all their free time to hot jazz or sweet and dance music.

They search for old shellac gramophone records and note by note reconstruct the old sweet melodies and imitate their arrangements.

After hours of practising they dress themselves into traditional costumes and start playing their vintage instruments, singing into a lone microphone.

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