NO HOT Ashes, take to Heartbreakers bar this Saturday for their first appearance in Southampton, after enjoying a hectic summer full of festivals and a headline tour.

The band aim to play as many cities as possible and try to create a fanbase in each one, whilst getting away from their hometown and seeing the country.

Whilst they are currently focusing on travelling the UK, the band’s biggest gig to date came very close to home when they played Manchester Academy 2.

Guitarist Luigi du Vuono says: “It was unreal and has become a bit of a blur, we sort of went into autopilot mode during the gig.”

The band have released their latest track, Skint Kids Disco, and Luigi explains how they got their name from the sign on a dustbin.

He admits: “Not much thought went into, you don’t think of a serious one you just need one. But now we regret not coming up with another one as I don’t think any of us likes it.

“We’ve dreamed of changing it but it’s a bit late now and we couldn’t think of anything else.”

As they prepare for the Southampton gig, fans have plenty to look forward to with gritty, fast and catchy songs that will make for an excellent night.