WITH their second album recently released and a huge tour underway, Sydney three-piece, DMA’S, are enjoying an ‘awesome’ time as they are preparing to play at the Engine Rooms in Southampton on Monday.

DMA’S lead vocalist Tommy O’Dell, who along with band mates Matt Mason and Johnny Took, has been enjoying life since releasing their second album In The Air.

“Even though it is sonically slightly different to our first record, I think people are still enjoying it,” he said.

“We toured our first album, Hills End, for quite a while, so to bring some new songs in is quite refreshing.”

Despite a popularity of their debut album, the vocalist believes the only pressure on the band for the second was to deliver ‘justice’ for the new songs.

“We knew the songs on this record were special and we recorded them in the way we wanted. I’m proud of it.”

After performing them on tour O’Dell feels Break Me has proved a popular track with the ‘best traction live’ as it is sort of rock ‘n’ roll and an uplifting tune.

Despite being from Sydney, DMA’S have a very distinctive Britpop feel to their music.

“I have an older brother who grew up listening to a lot of great bands like The Stone Roses, The La’s and Oasis, so I was brought up with that type of music.

“I also listened a lot of the Beatles stuff as well.”

The name DMA’S is an abbreviation of previous names the band had.

“We thought it looked cool when written out and no one else had it so it was original.

“We didn’t have to spell another name in a weird way because someone else had it on Google.”

O’Dell’s plans for the next 12 months are to tour the album as much as they can, as well as “getting as many singles out and having as much radio play.”

The idea of the third album is also in the back of his mind.

“It is on the cards, but we need to do a little more touring before we start thinking of that.”

With everything going right for the three-piece at the moment, they are certainly living For Now.

Amos Wynn