AUSTRALIAN indie stars DMA’S return to Southampton on Monday, as they get ready to support Liam Gallagher at Finsbury Park in London.

The band will headline The Engine Rooms on West Quay Road less than a year after their last sold out show here.

Sheffield rising stars Red Faces are also on the bill.

The trio from Newtown, Sydney say they built their original sound on foundations laid by bands like Oasis and The Stone Roses. They gained a huge following in the UK after the release of their album Hills End in 2016.

The record, which features singles Timeless, Lay Down and Too Soon, plus the optimistic beats of Melbourne and the hopeful despair of single Delete, showed why they sold out The 1865 in Southampton last summer.

Now armed with their uplifting new album For Now frontman Tommy O’Dell and guitarists Matt Mason and Johnny Took are set to take things to a new level.

“Last time round, we were still working out what kind of band we want to be, and we still are,” admits Johnny.

“We still have that jangly rock ‘n’ roll aspect to it, but it’s also matured in other ways. It feels like a natural progression for us.”

Their new single called Do I Need You Now? Is released next Friday. The band describe it as “Tommy’s signature sincere melody enveloped by a Depeche Mode-esque grandness.”

Another release, In The Air, has sweeping production and daydream-inducing lyrics that confirms the lads’ talent for indie-pop writing.

Four days after their date in Southampton, the band will join Wolf Alice, The Sherlocks and Welsh trio Trampolene to support Liam Gallagher at the former Oasis singer’s biggest-ever solo show at Finsbury Park in London.

Sheffield band Red Faces are no strangers to Southampton. Frontman Harry Lyon, guitarist Ryan Laycock, drummer Charlie Yapp and bassist Isaac White headlined Heartbreakers in December and have previously played Talking Heads with hotly tipped Bolton band Jordan Allen and local favourites The Manatees.

DMA’S play Engine Rooms, Southampton on Monday June 25. Tickets at