DANNY Wright is set to play Suburbia in Southampton tomorrow night showcasing his new single I Didn’t like You (and I really mean it).

An instantly memorable guitar hook straight away, mixed with a huge chorus will leave listeners singing the song for weeks on end.

The song is very personal to Danny, as he explains: "This is a song I’ve been sitting on for a long time, I had a bunch of songs that have been in the works for years, I recently had a horrible anxiety attack which led to a course of therapy sessions. They really helped and a lot with my music blocks.

"I didn’t like you (and I really mean it) is one of those songs that lets you get out everything you wish you had said before and embrace the single life. You’re better off alone if it’s not with someone who encourages you rather than the opposite."

Danny has been the former frontman of two separate rock bands, DissolvedIN and We Are Lost Boys.

However, not wanting to limit himself to the rock scene, Danny has been involved on projects with Olly Murs, Ellie Goulding and Cheryl Cole more recently to broaden his musical horizons.

Danny says: "I’m a passionate person that just wants the world to hear my songs, and I’m going to carry on writing until I have nothing left to write about!"