SPEAR of Destiny come to the 1865 venue in Southampton on Saturday for another night of classic punk-rocking.

The band formed in 1983, had one top 20 hit in 1987 with Never Take Me Alive.

Lead singer, Kirk Brandon, has been front man for 35 years for the punk band after the demise of his previous groups, Theatre of Hate and The Pack.

Spear of Destiny released their latest album, Tontine, in April, with the album being fully funded from a private fan pre-sale. Their 14th album was released on Kirk Brandon’s own Eastersnow Recording Company record label.

The current live show pulls on songs from the 35 years history of the band with classics like Liberator, Rainmaker, The Wheel being performed alongside newer fan favourites such as Sputnik, Judas, Lucky Man and Berlin! Berlin!

2018 is the 35th anniversary of the bands iconic debut long player, Grapes of Wrath, so expect the live show to feature classics from this LP in celebration.

The current line-up of Spear is the longest serving to date and features Adrian Portas, Craig Adams and Phil Martini on drums. Long-time Brandon cohort Steve Allan-Jones will be covering the keyboards.

By Ben Bonsey