TO Kill A King will play The Joiners on the penultimate night of their UK headline tour on Thursday.

Their new studio album The Spiritual Dark Age is now out.

The album contains the single The Good Old Days, the title track, plus recently revealed new track The Unspeakable Crimes Of Peter Popoff. Produced by Gethin Pearson and the band’s keyboard player Ben Jackson, The Spiritual Dark Age is the London five-piece’s third album and the follow-up to 2015’s critically acclaimed To Kill A King LP.

Frontman Ralph Pelleymounter said: “The Spiritual Dark Age is the last three years of my life painstakingly distilled into 40 minutes of music.

“It has ballads for my single friends watching everyone else gradually pair off, and deities and fables getting drunk in bars. It has moments of anger and disgust at characters like Peter Popoff and their parasitic feeding of the most vulnerable people, and it has folk songs about two gods who’d rather burn down the world than admit they still love each other. But hopefully, in amongst the chaos and darker tales, it has an underlying message that compassion being such a beautiful and complex thing may just save the day.”

Earlier this year To Kill A King played three consecutive London headline dates and in support of the new album they are out on a full UK tour.

Guitarist Grant McNeill added: “After roughly two years in a room with a single window and a bare lightbulb making this record, we can’t wait to get out on the road, if for nothing else but to get some sunlight. That’s why we chose to tour in January.”

After releasing two albums, 2013’s Cannibals With Cutlery and 2015’s self-titled follow-up, and touring incessantly since 2010, To Kill a King took a well deserved break in 2016, Ralph using the time to write with Rag’n’ Bone Man and Zibra, while keyboardist Ben Jackson produced albums for Childcare and Little White Things.

Josh Taffel (drums, vocals) and James Ball (bass, vocals) make up the remainder of the band.