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In case you haven't seen them yet, here's the latest pictures from Grand Theft Auto V.

Not much is known as yet about the next installment in Rockstar's incredibly popular Grand Theft Auto series, although with these new screenshots, the internet is alive more alive than ever with the sounds of rumour and speculation.

Will there be dirtbiking, mountainbiking and parachuting? Will tennis be a mini-game?

From the trailer released late last year, it was clear GTA V is following the usual series' pattern of having a new character move somewhere new or return to a previous city of residence. This time it's a father moving to Los Santos with the intention of seeing his kid grow up. Something tells us it may not be as simple as that though - nothing in the world of GTA ever is.

So check out these screenshots and let your mind run wild. Until Rockstar release firm details, guessing the games secretive content is purely a stab in the dark.