Lemon and sugar pancakes (Serves 4)

2 eggs

2dsp plain flour

200g caster sugar

300ml milk

Pinch of salt

Knob of butter

1 lemon, juiced

Mix the eggs, flour, two teaspoons of sugar and salt to a paste. Slowly add the milk mixing continuously until it becomes the consistency of paint.

Pour into a flat, hot, buttered pan. Lift the pan, moving the mixture so that it evenly coats the base of the pan to form a thin pancake.

After about two minutes, the pancake should be loose. Tease the edges and then with a rolling motion, toss the pancake and catch it again to cook the other side for around one minute.

Serve with the rest of the sugar decanted into a bowl, and lemon juice, for everyone to help themselves to.

Recipe courtesy of the Happy Eggs Co, visit thehappyegg.co.uk for more details.