To mark their 60th anniversary, Wyvern College recently put on a vintage 1950s bus to recreate the daily root which took students from Fair Oak to Eastleigh.

The original Fair Oak school catered for pupils aged between 5 and 14, and in 1958 it was decided 248 pupils would attend a new secondary school in Eastleigh - which later became Wyvern College - and because it was outside the catchment area, pupils had to travel to and from the site by bus.

The atmosphere at the recreation was celebratory and jovial, a far cry from the regimented and austere nature of the school’s founder and former Army officer Robert Bachford.

On the day of opening in 1958 he marched the 248 pupils in silence, two-by-two, all the way from Eastleigh to Fair Oak Infant School.

The school has seen its fair share of celebrities through the years, including celebrity chef and author Mark Tilling, former BBC South weather presenter Alina Jenkins and actor Katie Lyons.

This collection of archive photographs show a plethora of events taking place at the school, including drama productions, sports days and more. Although the opening day may have been a serious occasion - this images prove there’s been plenty of fun in the years since.