THESE are a selection of the images taken 30 years ago by Daily Echo photographers in January 1988, and a glimpse into Hampshire life at the time.

These pictures were snapped on the same month as Elizabeth Butler-Sloss became the first woman to be appointed a Lord Justice of Appeal.

Margaret Thatcher became the longest serving UK Prime Minister of the century on January 3, having been in power for eight years and 244 days.

Two days later and Rowan Atkinson launched the new Comic Relief appeal

On January 8, statistics were revealed new car sales in Britain had exceeded 2m for the first time, with the Ford Escort being the best selling car for six successive years. The Peugeot 405 went on sale in Britain on January 22.

Unemployment figures were released on January 14, showing December as the eighteenth-successive monthly decrease with around 2.6m people unemployed across Britain.

The Birmingham Six lost an appeal against their convictions on January 28.

Pet Shops Boys cover of Always on my Mind was a popular song at the time, and the average house price was £45,091.