A driving service which takes its named from an academy award-winning film has arrived in south Hampshire.

Driving Miss Daisy, a community companion service, which launched in the UK in 2014,was inspired by the Oscar winning picture starring Morgan Freeman as a chauffeur and Jessicaa Tandy as his elderly boss.

Driving Miss Daisy idea originated in Canada with just a single vehicle and is now a global franchise.

Director of Business Development, Chris White, says “We’re delighted to offer up our driving services in Eastleigh, which will also incorporate Southampton and Netley.

" Driving Miss Daisy’s vehicles transport children, the elderly and even pets. Our Daisy fleet will be servicing areas in and around Eastleigh, to include the local airport, railway station, hospitals, care homes, schools and health centres. All of our drivers are qualified first aiders and we are presently engaging in dementia and Alzheimer’s awareness courses.”

The Eastleigh branch intend to provide their services to hospitals and care homes in the area as their spacious cars can accommodate wheelchairs, walking frames and even folding mobility scooters.

Their fleet of specialist vehicles are adorned with the brand’s daisy symbol and the drivers are affectionately known as ‘Daisies’.